These directories contain open source software written in part by me, Frederick Dean.

  • Some recent patches to various projects. (Python)
  • Bugzilla enhancements for better bug count reporting. (Perl & MySQL)
  • FeatureKong is a database application with a web interface for collaborative tracking similar to bugzilla, but with customizable fields. (Perl & MySQL)
  • is a script for exporting clearcase VOB data in a CVS repository format. (Perl)
  • OpenBridge While trying to learn bridge better, I decided to teach the computer. Unfortunately, the project slowed down just as I started the AI, but the gameplay is good. (Perl & Gtk)
  • DCVS, is a revision control server written in Perl storing all its data in a MySQL database. Commits are atomic. A cvsweb like interface is included. A branch based permissions model with access control lists is nearly done. (Perl & MySQL)
  • WebPDA is a small perl script to parse PalmDesk address book files and present them on a web page. There is some initial work on a calendar one too, but doesn't handle recurring events. Neither of them allows writing. (Perl)
  • Wildcat is an initial attempt at a gallery type program. (Perl)
  • radeontool is a hack to control the backlight and external video on my Dell Latitude C610 with the ATI Radeon Mobility video.
  • Mishawaka is a simple Win32 sendmail program. It is useful if you don't have an outbound mail server, or don't trust/like the one you have. This can determine the true destination and deliver directly. (C)
  • spider control contains an Apache config to discourage parts of a website from being indexed by Internet search engines.
  • is a command line script to find definitions for words.
  • thumbnail contains some simple script for making web pages of pictures. I use them for my own personal pages. (Perl)
  • vobtools was yet another ambitious project start. This one parses MPEG2 systems layer, and video files, although the video files are not yet complete, because motion vectors have bugs. (C)
  • A hairy hack to cvsweb.cgi to display the output of cvs2cl, a chronological commit listing has proven useful.

    If you would like to purchase support or contribute code to any of these projects, please contact me at <>
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