About Feature Kong

Feature Kong is a collaborative web database that tracks changes. It was originally intended for software feature planning (thus the green bananas) but can be easily reconfigured for other purposes.

The current version (3.x) is written in Apache mod_perl 2.0 for MySQL so it is very fast.


Everyone needs screenshots. Note: These are static pages, so the links will not work.


The current version (2006-Mar-14)

For your convenience from the RedHat discs...


For 3.2:

  • attachments
  • threading of discussion comments
  • submissions of comments and new records via email.

    Was 3.1:

  • cc lists (actually just a multi-user field type)

    Was 3.0:

  • mod_perl, editable schema, and so much more...


    Please email software at fdd.com with fkong in the subject.