Recent patches

These have been contributed to the open source community:

2009-jul-25 pyCrypto Support CRL loading and export

2009-jul-9 pyCrypto More unit tests for types

2009-jul-4 pyCrypto Test cases need to work without twisted

2009-may-13 pyCrypto "check" method of private keys

2009-apr-22 Django Easier manipulation of sessions by test client

2009-mar-31 Django Confusing error when django.root has a trailing slash

2009-mar-26 pyCrypto Support modifying and exporting PKCS12

2009-mar-25 pyCrypto Renew cert in test case that expired today

2009-mar-25 pyCrypto Support connections without file descriptors for EAP-TLS

2009-mar-24 pyCrypto Dumping certs, keys, and reqs as text

2009-mar-01 Django "exact" should be NULL-save comparison

2009-feb-25 Django Allow customized forbidden messags when using exceptions

2009-feb-25 pyCrypto OpenSSL.rand.bytes() to get a random bytes

2009-jan-29 pyCrypto Basic X509V3 context support