My web page making scripts

  • thumb2 makes 1 megapixel normal images and 20 kilopixel thumbnails. It needs a list of filenames as command line arguements to know what to work on, but don't worry it is smart about not making thumbnails of thumbnails or HTML. I always tend to run it with thumb2 *
  • thumb3 is like thumb2 but also makes a mid-size "*_half.jpg" image.
  • preformat3 makes a web page out of the thumbnails in the current directory. The preformat scripts write to standard output so redirect it to a file. For example. preformat3 >blah.html Please remember to run wwwis on the html file to include width and height tags so the page formats faster
  • wwwis adds width and height attributes to your html file's img tags. This will let web browsers format the page faster (i.e. before the pictures load). wwwis stands for WWW Image Size.
  • zoomhtml modifies HTML files to change links to _zoom.jpg where existing. The new HTML file has a _zoom.html ending. halfhtml is similar.
  • was used to create a page for each person's thumbnails in a directory. See the comment at the top of the script for more information.
  • JPGtojpg fixes upper case filename extensions.
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    [TXT]thumb2.html20-Oct-2000 00:00 4.2K
    [TXT]wwwis.html20-Oct-2000 01:12 30K
    [   ]zoomhtml02-Nov-2000 00:09 2.0K
    [TXT]wwwis02-Nov-2000 00:09 29K
    [   ]thumb202-Nov-2000 00:09 4.1K
    [TXT]thumbx02-Nov-2000 00:09 773
    [TXT]makePeople.pl12-Nov-2000 20:40 1.0K
    [TXT]JPGtojpg06-Mar-2001 12:32 356
    [   ]preformat06-Mar-2001 12:32 204
    [TXT]preformat306-Mar-2001 12:32 1.4K
    [TXT]preformat406-Mar-2001 12:32 1.4K
    [TXT]preformat506-Mar-2001 12:32 1.1K
    [TXT]preformat606-Mar-2001 12:32 1.0K
    [TXT]preformat706-Mar-2001 12:32 1.7K
    [TXT]preformat806-Mar-2001 12:32 2.4K
    [   ]preformat_half06-Mar-2001 12:32 202
    [TXT]halfhtml06-Mar-2001 12:35 3.8K
    [   ]rotateleft04-Jul-2001 21:27 547
    [   ]rotateright04-Jul-2001 21:27 547
    [TXT]spacesToUnderscores04-Jul-2001 21:29 387
    [   ]thumb326-Mar-2003 14:49 4.6K

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