These preformat scripts write to standard output so redirect it to a file. For example.
preformat3 >blah.html
Please remember to run wwwis on the html file to include width and height tags so the page formats faster.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# This script, like all the other poorly named
# preformat script will write a web page to
# standard output which includes all of the
# _small.jpg images in the current directory
# the _small.jpg will have links to their
# full sized friends.

$| = 1;  # turn off output buffering

sub picBlock 
   my $filename = $_[0];

   return if ! defined($filename);

   my $rootname = $filename;
   $rootname =~ s/_small.jpg$/.jpg/;  # delete _small for name
   my $alt = $rootname;
   $alt =~ s/.jpg$//;  # delete .jpg suffix
   $alt =~ s/_/ /g;  # convert underscores to spaces
   $alt =~ s/\+/ \& /g;  # convert + to andphersands with spaces
   print "<a href=$rootname>\n";
   print "<img src=$filename\n";
   print "alt=\"$alt\"></a>\n";
   print "<br>$alt\n";

my @files = `ls *small.jpg`;
chomp @files;  # remove all the trailing newlines
my $numRows = 0;

print "<table><tr><td width=530>";
print "<table>";
while (@files) {

   print "<tr>";
   if ($numRows & 1) {
      print "<td bgcolor=cccce6>\n";
   } else {
      print "<td bgcolor=dddddd>\n";
   print "</td>";
   if (!($numRows & 1)) {
      print "<td bgcolor=cccce6>\n";
   } else {
      print "<td bgcolor=dddddd>\n";
   print "</td></tr>\n";

   shift @files;
   shift @files;
print "</table>\n";
print "</td></tr></table>\n";