Feature Kong


FeatureKong Global Config


Used for error messages. This is different than the abuse email link that should be appended to every email. Angle brackets and HTML formatting are okay.

Maximum time (measured in seconds) a session survives without a hit, before it is logged out.

How we should show the time by default.
The codes are explained in perldoc Date::Format.

How we should show the time in lists (tables).
The codes are explained in perldoc Date::Format.

This is the URL prefix to link bug numbers to. The bug number is appended to it.

What is the hostname and scheme (http or https) should emails specify when linking to FeatureKong? The url should not end in a slash or include a path.

How many digits are right of the decimal point for fixed precision decimals.

UserPulldown yes       no
If few users exist, it may be convenient to have a pulldown instead of a text entry.

ShowRealnames yes       no
For emails and user pulldowns do we list realnames along with usernames?

SendUpdateEmails yes       no
Should we send emails when records are updated?

When FeatureKong sends emails, this is who they claim to be from.

When they are in the root directory, which table are the links for?

This is the table name corresponding to DefaultTableUrl above.

FeatureKong 3.0pre19 Warning: These are static pages for demonstration but many of the links will not work.