My goals with this project are to have fun learning CVS, MySQL, and PERL.

DCVS is a revision control server which supports CVS pserver protocl, cvsweb-like HTML, and chronological commit logs. The repository is stored in a MySQL database. DCVS intentionally does not support client specified commit times.

Multi-file commits are atomic (although the current locking is drastic). Eventually commits will be non-blocking except for writes to same branch & directory.

The server supports cvs pserver protocol, which unfortunately requires the server to do all diffs and merges.

All data is stored in a mysql database. The server is written entirely in taint Perl. The server runs as non-root and users need not have local accounts.

Importing and exporting of RCS files is supported.

An access control model which is branch based and usess access control lists (ACL) is nearly complete.

DCVS has not had enough testing, so use it with caution.
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