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1. Copyright, Distribution, etc.

1.1 What is this?

This document describes how to feed a mailing list to a news server using a Linux box. It is called a mini-HOWTO, specifically the Mail2news mini-HOWTO.

1.2 Copyright and such

Copyright (c) 1999, Rick Dean.
Copyright (c) 1996, Robert Hart.

The authors retain their copyright of this document. You are hereby granted permission to redistribute this document in whole or in part as long as it includes this copyright notice. Commercial redistribution is allowed and encouraged. All translations or derivative works of this document must be covered under this copyright notice, and without additional restrictions on distribution. This arrangement is also known as a copyleft.

This copyright notice, itself, is hereby placed in the public domain. You may copy it without atribution.

1.3 Where can I get this HOW-TO?

The latest version of this document is available at

Many Linux distributions include HOWTOs in the /usr/doc/HOWTO directory.

This mini-HOWTO like most Linux mini-HOWTO's was written initially is SGML. This allows the text to be automatically translated to many formats including text, HTML, PostScript, etc. Those other formats are available somewhere.

More information about Linux documentation can be found at the Linux Documentation Project, and so many other places.

1.4 Document history

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